I don't know if I need a “curly” haircut?

Curly haircuts are for those of you that wear your hair in its natural state the majority of the time. The hair is cut dry and in its own natural pattern. This is to allow for the discrepancy in curl patterns and their varying degrees of shrinkage. Also, your appointment will not finish in a blowout like traditional haircuts, you will be sent out the door set in your natural curl.

How often should I get my (curly) haircut?

Most of my curly girls are between 3 & 6 months. If you are maintaining a specific length, closer to 3. For those who don't use a lot of heat or chemical services, 6 is probably adequate.

How should I prepare my hair for my appointment?

  • First and foremost come with your hair down and in its natural curl pattern.

  • It must be fully dried. 

  • Second day hair is fine but NOT day 5 post hot yoga.

  • No pony tails, clips, or hat head.

  • If you don't know how to do this we have other problems, book a curly hair lesson.

Do you cut kids hair?

13 & up is usually okay. They need to be able to sit still through their appointment. However, by this age their cuts are the same price point as a womens cut.

What is hair painting?

Hair painting is a highlighting technique that creates seamless variation in color. In other words no harsh lines. It’s best use is its ability to mimic what the sun did to our hair as children. The lightner used with this technique has a clay additive which allows it to process within a hardened exterior shell. Other forms of lightning; such as in foil or on scalp, generate more heat and add to the chemical process. So in short, it’s gentler on your hair.